Just thought i would say yall have the best minerals on the market...no contest....bought 3 bags at the wildlife expo in franklin TN and I have gotten more pics of deer in the 4 days it has been out, than I have all summer including one really nice buck...thanks for a great product
Bradley Brown- via Facebook

Doc, I can't thank you enough for meeting us on our trip to Clarkrange. I will have to get you a pic of the site where I put it out, I was absolute amazed and that is putting it lightly!!! I have never used a mineral supplement that deer responded to that violently and so fast. Usually it takes weeks for them to pay much attention and even then its pretty sporatic. They absolutely devoured it, the ground is a 2 foot circle tore up and I haven't checked it in two weeks, so who knows what it looks like now. They did that much to the site in only about a week. Thanks again! I'll defenitely order more!!
BassnBucks- thearchersedge.net

For anyone who is thinking that this is just another mineral...think again
Here's a bit of back ground....

I have tried perhaps 10 of the top selling minerals here in my neck of the woods and I have never seen a deer touch it.
I have tried sugar as well....which is supposed to be the bomb....without any hits what so ever.

Doc came to me on my site and asked if I would try his minerals, just to see what would happen....so I agreed.
(couldn't work any worse than the others...right?)

WELL!....I dont know what the heck his secret ingredient is but it works!!

I have a hole dug out (where I put it into the ground as Doc suggested) which would accommodate a small lady....should she feel the need to jump in a fox hole
It's simply amazing!.

Really...no joke at all...my deer will not touch all those other hyped up mineral mixes but they are daily visitors for GRUNT-N-GOBBLE

Lets put it this way....

I make the best (thats not even up for debate) deer lure available...anywhere....at any price.
With that said....I use GRUNT-N-GOBBLE on my regular stands now.
I'll still need the Lures when I am off the property or away from my usual haunts..... but when I am on my own stands....I cant beat GRUNT-N-GOBBLE by what I have seen.
Amazing stuff!!
Krisken Robinson- thearchersedge.net

I have used just about every product around to attract deer. This by far has had the best results. I have seen more deer, especially bucks, during the short time it has been out. I will use this from now on.
Doug Young

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