GRUNT-N-GOBBLE WildGame Mineral is a dietary supplement that provides vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to the deer and wildlife that use it. It will help in the overall health of the animals throughout their life span. It helps Bucks produce larger racks, Does produce more milk and helps Fawns in all stages of growth. If a doe is using Grunt-N-Gobble Minerals while she is pregnant, the fawns will be healthier and stronger when born and have a better survival rate, health wise. It benefits every animal that uses it by making them healthier and stronger than just natural browse alone.

Vitamins are very important to the wildlife's diet because the organic compounds are needed to support all of the their life stages. The vitamins A, D, & E in GRUNT-N-GOBBLE manages the wildlife's absorption of calcium and phosphorus affecting not only their bones and teeth, but also the buck's rack growth and doe during the gestational period.

Vitamin A- helps with the immune system, eyes, skin and maintenance of the digestive and reproductive system.

Vitamin D- aids in getting the calcium and phosphorus where they can aid the bones and antler growth.

Vitamin E- Boost's the wildlife's immune system to fight off infections. It also helps the deer deal with the stressful periods (pre and post rut, gestation period and weather)

Minerals are essential to antler, bone and teeth development. Minerals that are needed in large amounts are calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, sodium, and sulfur. If there aren’t enough of essential minerals your deer can have weak bones, teeth and small racks.

Calcium- one of the minerals that help develop strong antler, bones and teeth.

Phosphorus- develops the 2nd half antler, bones and teeth formation. You have to make sure the deer gets enough to build the bones and antler.

Potassium- aids in proper Ph balance, digestion and forms electrolytes for the wildlife.

Magnesium- makes sure the calcium is used properly in the wildlife's body for strong bones and teeth. Helps turn food into energy.

Sodium- carry's the trace minerals that help with the absorption of amino acids, also prevents dehydration.

Sulfur- aids in digestion and helps develop the tendons, ligaments and cartilage.

Trace Minerals-
Trace minerals are needed in smaller amounts by wildlife. They are copper, iron, zinc, manganese, cobalt, iodine and selenium.

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