Q- Is GRUNT-N-GOBBLE mineral legal to hunt over?
A- In the State of Tennessee where it is made, yes. If you live in another state, you will need to check with your DNR about rules and regulations concerning minerals and mineral supplements.

Q- When do I need to use GRUNT-N-GOBBLE Mineral?
A- For the best results, you need to use GRUNT-N-GOBBLE mineral as a year round supplement. You can use it at any time, but the wildlife benefits the most with year round use. The deer will benefit the most during the gestational period, antler growth, fawn growth and the post-rut when bucks and doe have depleted their fat and energy stores. We at GRUNT-N-GOBBLE suggest that you use our product in conjunction with food plots for the best results possible. Food plots and GRUNT-N-GOBBLE Mineral produce the biggest and healthiest wildlife overall.

Q- How soon will I see the results of GRUNT-N-GOBBLE mineral?
A- You should start seeing the results within a few weeks of use with the deers coat and you start seeing more results as the year progresses. As with any nutritional supplement, you will see the best results after 3-5 years of use.

Q- Is GRUNT-N-GOBBLE mineral just a deer supplement?
A- No!! From the tests we have done and pictures and testimonials from customers, we are seeing various wildlife animals using it. We have pictures of coyotes, fox, squirrels, possum, raccoons, turkeys, skunks, and deer using it. That is just pictures we are getting from local customers. We have yet to have anyone with bears, hogs, antelope, elk or mule deer send us pictures yet.

Q- How do I use GRUNT-N-GOBBLE mineral?
A- There really isnt a "set in stone" way to use GRUNT-N-GOBBLE. You can use one or 2 bags to start a new site. Two bags is recommended to start a new mineral site and one bag to refresh a site. The owners of GRUNT-N-GOBBLE both have seperate ways they prefer to use the mineral. One prefers to clear out a 2'x2' area and just pour two bags out on the ground. The other prefers to clear a 2'x2' area and mix one bag with the dirt and pour a second bag on top without mixing it with dirt. One bag is recommended for refreshing an established mineral site, but you can use as many as you would like to refresh it.

Q- How long does a GRUNT-N-GOBBLE mineral site last?
A- We are seeing 3-6 months on average, depending on how much animal traffic the mineral site gets.

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