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GRUNT-N-GOBBLE Wildgame Mineral is made in Middle Tennessee!!! It was started by a local hunter, who was always on the lookout for a mineral product that would help the deer herd in his area. He found some mineral supplements that worked and some that didn't and decided that he would make one that worked best for him. It turns out that not only did it work, but it worked great and also attracted other wildlife that benefited from it too. He asked Sam Holladay if he would like to help with the research and development, and sales of the mineral. Sam accepted and bought half of the company. After several years of testing at a local property and checking with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency about laws concerning mineral, we decided to market it for other hunters to benefit from it. It is for sale in select Middle Tennessee stores and has been sold over the web, via word of mouth on hunting forums. It has been sold from Louisiana to Canada and from the Mississippi River to the Atlantic Ocean. The original developer decided that he wanted to take part in other business ventures, and in 2013 Sam bought the developer out of his half of the company. He is still making the same great product that has always been made. It is made in small batches so that the mix is perfect every single time.

GRUNT-N-GOBBLE started as a wildgame mineral, but has spread out to become GRUNT-N-GOBBLE Outdoors.

If you would like to purchase some of our mineral, you may do so at the following locations:

Murfreesboro Outdoors
2204 N.W. Broad St
Murfreesboro, TN 37129

We are always looking for new stores that would like to carry our product. If you own a business that would like to carry our product or know of a business that you think would benefit from selling our product, please contact us via email or Facebook.